Discuss the reproductive rights debate. Discuss the opposing constitutional sides?

Which side did the Roe v. Wade decision come closest to supporting?

Which did the Webster decision come closest to supporting?

Which side do you think should prevail? Which debate would you argue is more contentious, the one over reproductive rights or, the right to die? Explain.

Approximately when did the transition occur from dual to cooperative federalism?

What brought it about?

What is the means used to sustain the cooperative relationship?

Does cooperative federalism continue to exist today? Explain.

Is the current trend moving in the direction of more or less cooperation? Explain.

When did that trend commence? Explain.

What would you argue is the most appropriate direction the nation should take with regard to cooperative versus dual federalism in the next 12 months? Explain.

Which direction is it likely to pursue, in your view? Explain.

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