Analyze the responses of a moral relativist and moral absolutist to a moral problem

In Malaysia, a person is beaten with a rattan cane as a form of corporal punishment or for infractions in the military or public schools. The cane used for corporal punishment is 1.27 centimeters in diameter and 1.2 meters long. Up to 24 strokes of the cane may be administered at one time; each stroke is to be administered with maximum effort and is applied directly to the skin. Caning can also be administered along with a prison sentence or for prison infractions.
Write two speeches. On a college campus, two students are on opposite ends of the quad giving a speech about the above situation. One is a moral relativist, and one is a moral absolutist. Write a two-page speech for each of the orators that include the following information.
Within each speech, explain the position in light of characteristics associated with the theory. Describe what each speaker would have to say about the above practice. Make sure the speaker addresses why his or her position on this practice is preferable over the other speaker’s position.

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