Avant-Garde: Free Jazz and Modal Jazz

a. List three musical characteristics of the avant-garde and briefly explain how each is demonstrated in the song examples from the text and lecture. Use a different song for each musical characteristic.

b. Using the three short articles found in the appendix for this lecture, “Free Jazz: Pro and Con”:

state two criticisms identified in the John McDonough article
state two items of acclaim (praise) found in the Charlie Haden and John Litweiler articles
Take one criticism and one praise and state whether you agree or disagree with each and why.
c. Go back and listen to the songs “Jitney #2” by Cecil Taylor and “Jana’s Delight” by Don Pullen, discussed at the end of the free jazz lecture, then answer the following questions:

Do the Cecil Taylor-influenced free jazz elements work for you here in the piano solo of “Jana’s Delight”? Is it easier for your ear to accept in this musical context than in Cecil Taylor’s “Jitney #2”? Why or why not?
What other jazz style(s) is “Jana’s Delight” influenced by? What musical characteristics do you hear from this/these style(s)?

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