Balkans during the Cold War 1948-1991: Yugoslavia and Albania

After 1948 Yugoslavia followed the doctrine of self-management and non-alignment . What is the content of these policies? How were they applied? Where these successful policies or not. Why? Analyze the policy of brotherhood and unity and the uniqueness of this policy. What are some of the reasons and the consequences of the unrest such as in Kosovo, Croatia etc? Why did Yugoslavia go toward disintegration by the end of 1980s? Comment on ethnic nationalism as a Yugoslavian phenomenon. Support your comments with evidences from the reading

Explain why they came to an end. Analyze main themes of the Albanian Cultural Revolution. Was it different from the Chinese Cultural Revolution? If yes, explain how and where. Analyze Albanian relations with the West and the other Balkan countries. What makes Albania such a unique case among other Balkan countries? What changed after Hoxha’s death?

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