Celestina vs Melibea

Why does Celestina call herself “a doctor” when speaking to Melibea in Chapter 10?

Analyze the fragment that describes love in act 10: “It’s a hidden fire, a delicious poison, a sweet bitterness, a delectable pain, a happy torment, a sweet, deep wound and a gentle death”

In chapter 12, is the language used by Calisto when he is with Melibea different from his language at the very beginning of the book?

Does it have the same effect on the readers and on Melibea? Why?

What kinds of love do we see in the conversation between Calisto and Melibea?

Give examples to support your answer.

Do you think that Areusa and Elicia want revenge only because Celestina, Sempronio and Parmenos are dead?

What can we learn about the conversation between Pleberio and Alisa in chapter 16 that could be applied to our contemporary world?

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