Children’s Literature – Historical Fiction, Nonfiction and Biography

In the genres of historical fiction and biography we need to remember that no story is objectively told, that objectivity is impossible. These pieces, although they are (more or less) based on facts documented in primary and other sources, are still creative works.

Read Aunt Charlotte’s Stories of English History for the Little Ones (Chapter XLI) by Charlotte M. Yonge, from the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature.

Using specific examples from the chapter that you chose, discuss how you might explain fact and fiction to the target audience for this book. Support your discussion by citing facts only from peer-reviewed sources uploaded NOT websites and you can use the textbook to cite if needed… Essentials of Children’s Literature by Kathy G. Short, Carol Lynch-Brown and Carl M. Tomlinson if needed. Chapters 10 and 11.

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