Clinical Population and Agency

Select a Clinical Population and Agency
First, select one client population from the following list. You will examine professional services provided by a selected agency to this population.

American Indians/Native Americans and Alaska natives.
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
Arab and Muslim Americans.
Immigrants and refugees.
Sexual minorities.
Then select an agency within your state that provides services to your selected clinical population in the areas of counseling, consumer education, and advocacy at both the community and national levels, and if possible, internationally.

Describe the Selected Clinical Population and Agency
Use the selected agency’s Web site and related literature to conduct independent research on your selected clinical population to gather information. Then write a paper in which you:

Discuss the characteristics and concerns of the selected clinical population, both nationally and internationally, that inform culturally competent counseling practices.
Analyze the significance of multicultural counseling competencies in the delivery of community-based resources for the selected clinical population.
Summarize the mission, history, program resources, and applicable global initiatives of the agency assisting the selected clinical population.
Describe the role of the counselor in promoting the agency’s services for the selected clinical population in the areas of counseling, consumer education, and advocacy.
Discuss, with appropriate scholarly support, culturally relevant strategies grounded in multicultural counseling theory that foster cultural identify, development, and social justice for the selected clinical population.

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