Conflict Management Styles

To prepare:
• Consider a conflict situation you witnessed or were engaged in within your practice setting. Then, proceed as follows:
o Think about who was involved, how it was resolved (if it was), and how it might have been handled more effectively.
o Identify the conflict management style(s) employed by various individuals, including ineffective responses or no response to the situation.
o Evaluate your personal response to this conflict.
• What do your thoughts and actions in this and other conflict situations reveal about your typical approach to conflict?

The paper should be a description of how you handled or avoided a conflict, as well as the results of your approach. Explain how would you respond to this conflict today and/or what steps you would take to improve your comfort level and skill for managing conflict in the future (including specific conflict management strategies you would use). Explain how conflict management relates to your effectiveness as a leader.

Please use subtitle for each section being written
And resources to be within 5 years with dox if possible
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About me : I work in the operating room as a circulating nurse at Providence Saint Joseph Medical center. There are many conflicts that happen between physicians and coworkers. If you can think of any ideas please use it and come up with something and if you don’t want name the hospital don’t just don’t use people’s names

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