Designing a Test Blueprint based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Design a Test Blueprint based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and course objectives for a unit in a medical surgical course in the third semester of a baccalaureate nursing program. 1. Complete the Blueprint Table found in Modules/Week 2. 2. Determine the number of items per unit objective and for each level of cognitive skill for a total of 30 items. 3. Describe the rationale for the division of questions in the blueprint 4. Describe the rationale for the cognitive level and number of items for each objective allocated in the blueprint. 5. Part 1 describing the rationale should be a 1-2-page scholarly paper. For Part 2: Students will revise test items 6. Revise three of the ten multiple choice test items in Assignment 1 Questions for Revision found in Modules/Week 2. The revisions should: a. Follow item writing guidelines b. Focus on measuring higher cognitive levels in Bloom’s taxonomy (apply or higher) c. Answer options must be plausible d. At the end of each item identify the cognitive level of the item and also the client need area the item represents. Include the original question, with the revision of the question, identifying each one as original or revision

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