Drug Enforment

1.) Write an essay on the three budgeting resources of a: a) financial, (b) manpower, and (c) investigative equipment, that are needed in case preparation.

2.) These four investigative information sources will be reported on:
A.National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
B.Traffic Citations
C.Arrest records.
D. Warrant File.

3.) Outline a summary of the use of forfeiture sanctions and how they work including the 1984 Federal Comprehensive Forfeiture Act.

1.) Write an essay on the foundational topic of “narcotics” covering their therapeutic use, unwanted effects, hazards of illicit use, and psychological dependence.

2.)Write on the philosophy of using narcotic treatment drugs to “cure” addiction.
(Examples of Naltrexone and Methadone.)

3.)Outline the current science on cannabis sativa L., what it contains, and how it is ingested, explaining the three drugs that come from cannabis: marijuana, hashish, and hashish oil, and how they are distributed in North America.

4.)Using recent references from the states of Colorado and Washington, give your personal opinions on illegal drugs and the harm it does/does not cause to society. Should illegal drugs be legalized? Why or why not?

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