Drug Evaluation

Identify a drug that is used in the treatment of a specific medical condition. This drug should be of a class not already discussed in the previous modules. This week choose a drug that you want to know about! Everyone try to choose one that no one else has already posted on! Don’t be afraid to tackle serious medications for life threatening illnesses, like chemo drugs. Consider some of the more controversial drugs like the hormone replacement therapy, or anti osteoporosis drugs, or viagra. There are a wide variety of drugs that treat neuropathologies, including sleeping pills, anti depressants and ADHD. You pick!

Research the drug and the condition through two significant sources, such as Drugs.com, WebMD.com, MedlinePlus, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or some of the other sources you have become acquainted with through this course.

First Post:

Post a 3-5 paragraph evaluation of the effectiveness of the drug in comparison to a non-pharmaceutical intervention for the identified condition. Please put the name of the drug in the subject matter. In your evaluation, include:

The name of the drug and the medical condition;
a brief description of the condition
a brief description of the mechanism of action of the drug
the advantages and disadvantages of the medication

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