Employers burden of proof change between constructive and wrongful discharge

The employers makes the employees life miserable and the employee quits. What is this called? Is it legal? Does the employers burden of proof change between constructive and wrongful discharge?- ch 2
What is the relationship among statues, regulations, executive orders, and case law? Why is case law such an integral part of our legal system? How do decisions differ among various district courts? Provide examples.- Ch 3
A black female employee is told that she cannot come to work with her hair in decorative braids and if she continues to do so, she will be terminated. Does the employee have a claim under Title VII.-ch 6
How far does an employer have to go to check an applicant’s employment references and background to avoid a negligent hiring claim? What information may a previous employer provide in response to a reference check? How would you recommend balancing the new employer’s need for information regarding an applicant’s background and the applicant’s privacy rights? Please provide examples as part of your response to each question.

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