film Arranged (2007)

watch feature length film Arranged (2007) Available on Netflicks and Hulu. Please answer the following questions. 1. What are some of the misconceptions that Principal Jacoby and other teachers have about Nasira and Rochel’s culture? 2. Are Rochel and Nasira successful in challenging their colleagues’ sterotypical ideas of their religion’s culture as being oppressive towards women? Why? Why not? 3. What about Rochel and Nasira’s lives make them culturally different? What makes their lives culturally similiar? Do you think their relationship is realistic? Why Why not? 4.Why do you think that Rochel and Nasira are more open to becoming friends with people from different cultures than the other members of their families? 5. What are the similiarties between RRochel and Nasira’s parents? What are the differences? 6, How does prohibition of any physical contact between men and women before marrage impact the way Rochel and Nasira’s relationship with their future husbands develop? 7. What qualities do Nasira and Rochel look for in their ideal mate? How similiar/different are thir criteria to those of women with no religious affilliation? 8. To what extent can Rochel and Nasira assert their independence within the framework of their religious culture? 9.Why do you think Nasira becomes involved in trying to arrange a match between Rochel and Gideon/ 10. What makes Nasira and Rochel “American”? How are they part of American culture?

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