What larger statement do you think Glaspell is trying to make about how her male characters treat women?

Are Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters justified in their actions at the end of the story? Why or why not?

Explain what Mrs. Wright’s motive is.

Can Trifles speak to today’s audience? Why or why not?

In what ways does Cisneros attempt to challenge traditional marriage roles?

In what ways does Cisneros confirm traditional marriage roles?

What is the significance of el arroyo? Why do you think Cisneros chose to have Cleofilas and Felice drive over it at the end of the story?

What do you think Cisneros’s larger message is about women and marriage?

“According to Judy Brady, a wife is…”

How does Brady feel about these traditional roles?

Do you think Brady’s picture of a wife’s role is grossly exaggerated?

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