Health System

A. Suppose you moved to an imaginary country with a health system very similar to that of the United States. In this country, many preventive healthcare services are underutilized. Suppose you are a healthcare consultant and are asked to provide a recommendation on how to increase utilization of preventive services by the residents of this country.

Using what you learned from this class, what recommendation would you make to increase the use of preventive services? (You should think about changes made at an organizational or system level; you can consider approaches that have been implemented within the US health system; do not focus on educating the public about preventive services.) Describe how this approach is expected to work to increase utilization of use of preventive services.

B. One form of preventive care is the proper management of chronic conditions such as diabetes. Management of diabetes often involves medications that improve the control of blood sugar; a commonly used drug is metformin. Suppose a new drug was shown to control blood sugar for diabetics, and claims to work similarly to metformin. As a healthcare consultant, you are asked to make a recommendation about whether the national health system should provide coverage for this new drug (or continue coverage for metformin). Discuss what information you will need in order to make an informed recommendation about this new drug.

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