Immigration Policy

Immigration is a very controversial topic in the world in general, as well as in the United States. It seems that most individuals of all political persuasions agree that our immigration system needs to be reformed. However, we still as a society have been unable to reach a consensus regarding exactly how our immigration system should be reformed. Should we let in more immigrants, or fewer? Should immigrants be allowed in based upon need or familial relationship, or based upon merit/economic value (for example, should we let in more people that are engineers if we need more engineers). Should we make it harder or easier to become a United States’ citizen? Do we need a wall/more border enforcement, or not?
Your task is to do the following:
Research various proposals that have been made for reforming the U.S. immigration system. Select one which you think is best, and write me a brief synopsis of the proposal, citing to the source of the proposal. You may use whatever citation format you wish, but make sure you provide me with enough information that I can find your source. Explain why you think that this proposal is the optimal method for regulating immigration in the U.S. Make sure you address economic concerns (businesses need for workers, shortages in certain professions, etc.) as well as societal concerns (refugees fleeing war torn countries, family issues, children brought across the border against their will, etc.). Make sure you are thorough and persuasive in your defense of your chosen proposal as the optimal method for regulating immigration in the U.S.

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