Literature Critique of Advanced Nursing Role Theories

Literature Critique of Advanced Nursing Role Theories Purpose: This course assignment provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate the ability to critically appraise and critique the literature to examine the relationship between theory and the student’s advanced practice nursing role. The course objective that is related to this assignment is the following: Apply selected
theories and principles applicable to advanced nursing roles.

Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory
Peplaw’s Theory of Interpersonal Relationships
Search the literature that will relate to the student’s specialty concentration. (FNP) with Emergency/Urgent Care interest.
References should include peer-reviewed references only. Be careful in using appropriate web-based resources since many of these are not of
a professional nature.
Once the student has examined the literature thoroughly, develop a formal written paper that will discuss the relationship between the selected theory or theories and the advanced nurse role within the specialty concentration

Assignment Grading Criteria
General overview of the selected theories and relation to advanced nursing
Through examination of the selected theories
Discuss the relation to advanced nursing practice
Description of how the selected theories apply to the specialty concentration
Describe how the selected theories can be applied to the APRN specialty concentration role
Apply the selected theories to the specialty concentration
Description of importance of the theories for practice and health care
Include a “real life” example

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