Management discussion

Identify and explain to the class the core competencies of Raytheon Company. Also explain these competencies in light
of those of the competition and if the competencies contain any of the four elements that lead to sustainable advantages
mentioned in chapter 3 (valuable, rare, costly to imitate and nonsubstitutable)- During your discussion, please include
the role of organizational culture as a source of strategic competitiveness- Finally, don’t forget to engage in active
discussions with your peers- learn what makes their flrms competitive in the market-
perform a more comprehensive literature review on the topic (preferably 5-10 articles) so that you can learn more about
what the current state of research says about the phenomena we are discussing- Then, ruminate on the information that
you have read and explain how it resonates with your experience (for example does it or does it not apply to your
workplace OR how can your organization benefit from this inforrnation…); this process should result in insightful/learning

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