On Milton, the bible, and Adam and Eve

Discuss Milton’s portrayal of Satan. In particular, consider how Milton’s Satan both follows and diverges from the typical Christian conception of him. Where you find differences, why do you think Milton portrays Satan as he does?
Discuss ways that Milton’s depiction of Eden, and of Adam and Eve, both follows and diverges from or expands upon the biblical account in the opening chapters of Genesis. Include quotations from Paradise Lost, Book 9 to illustrate your claims. Though it troubles many today, the bible persistently portrays women as inferior to men. Discuss Milton’s portrayal of women as the weaker sex. Avoid repeating classmates’ observations: there are plenty of passages in our reading that iterate this theme. Discuss Milton’s depiction of our “original parents” in their relationship with one another. What choices did he make in depicting how the two interact with one another especially before they eat the fruit? How would you describe their relationship? Answer this prompt only if you support your views with specific quotations.

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