Organizational Creativity and Innovation

Differentiate between processes of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Identify organizations that develop and foster processes, practices, and attributes for creativity and innovation

Explain the implications for organizational culture, when developing a culture of creativity and / or innovation

Explain the methods and approaches undertaken by a leading organization and critique a global brand name.

Identify the success of Apple and the attributes of the people, places, products and approaches that have made Apple the most valuable company in the world, with regards to market capitalization.

Identify the innovation approach Apple has successfully used to identify customers’ needs, and how did it help them to stay ahead of the competition?

What role did Apple’s people have, in the company constantly coming up with innovative products, and how did the culture at Apple encourage / discourage them?

What impact did Steve Jobs have on Apple and what did he bring, personally, to the organization? What was Steve Jobs?

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