pros and cons of on the purchase ofthe surveillance drones

You are informed that the Mayor is aware of some members of the City Council Who are keenly interested in purchasing
and deploying surveillance drones- These unmanned aircraft would be equipped With cameras Which would feed real-
time images to an intelligence center in the Virtual Police Department headquarters- While the drones would spend most
of their “flight time” on patterned patrol, they could also be dispatched to support calls for serVice, locate suspects, track
fleeing vehicles and otherWise serve in a response mode in support of “first responder” police units- The Mayor is also
aware that there is opposition from other members of the City council Who may acKnOWledge some benefits to the
surveillance drones, but Who Will challenge her on the cost, potential for Constitutional-based privacy violations, etc- A
significant number of councilpersons feel the money could be better spent on more sworn personnel and civilian
technicians- The Mayor has asked the League to prepare a literature-research position paper for her on moving forward
With this proposal (or not) based on the pros and cons uncovered in your research- She may ultimately use this
objective research document as part of her portfolio on the appropriate use of technology in support of public safety.
As a member of the staff of the Association for Municipal Cities, you have been assigned to prepare a research paper
for the Mayor of Virtual City on the purchase of the surveillance drones and initiation this support unit- She has asked
that you present both the pros and cons as objectively as possible- Your personal recommendation is NOT part of this
research report-

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