Research and report on disorders/diseases

Research and report on disorders/diseases from either the Endocrine, Lymphatic or Cardiovascular/Circulatory system. You will compose a 2 pages single spaced informative paper. Write this in a way that is able convey information on your disease/disorder in a simple yet educational fashion your peers could understand.

Briefly describe the history of the disease/disorder (when was it discovered, how have thoughts changed since then about causes, effects, treatments, etc.). Report on the causes, effects, and treatment methods (include specific details about age of onset, if it targets specific ethnic groups (if so why), or where it might be more prevalent (specific locations)). Describe the symptoms and the effects they have. Try to be as specific as possible so as not to confuse with other diseases/disorders (hence focus on key symptoms). Are there any links between your disease/disorder to other diseases. What type of treatment methods are there and how have they changed over time? This is a good place to research the differences between traditional medicine and homeopathic methods. If there are no cures then describe how an individual is able to cope with the disease/disorder, include information about life expectancy, changes in behavior and health adaptations, mental and emotional treatments for coping. Lastly include who (companies, organizations) that are working to address the disease/disorder you chose and why you chose it.

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