Roleof CEO

1. Recent corporate scandals has had a tremendous impact on the reputation of corporate America, including CEO’s. Past research has stated that CEO’s background affects their strategic choices and thus the organization’s financial performance. Discuss the impact of CEO characteristics on how the stock market responds to CEO certification. In addition please discuss how trustworthiness is measured and why is this variable important? (250 words)
2. What do our readings this week say about the relationship between the tenure of the CEO and firm performance? Include in your discussion the idea of “seasons” as well as the role the departing CEO. This will use at least 2 assigned articles. (650 words)
3. Discuss CEO compensation (monetary and non-monetary) in how it determines both firm performance and incentives for CSR. (250 words).
4. What is the relationship between the “seasons” of the CEO and how he/she responds to the changing external environment. (250 words)

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