What is the existing fashion industry like in this city? Is there a history of fashion manufacturing/fashion industry in this city? Is there a history of fashion weeks? ?

Show examples of the latest collections from these designers. Describe their individual design aesthetics. ?
How are their brands doing? How large is the impact of their products on the marketplace? Do they supply the local market or are they recognized internationally? Are they focused on smaller collections or have they expanded into other areas (accessories/cosmetics/fragrances/home goods?) ?
Who is their target market? What is their average price point for their products? ?
Where were these designers trained? Did they study their craft in their home country, in Europe, the UK or the US? Did they apprentice for a local designer or a Parisian couture designer? Are they self-taught or did they learn from professionals? ?
Do they use traditional cultural references when designing their collections? If so, how is this incorporated into their designs? ?
What is the role of social media in expanding their brands internationally? How do these designers get the attention of the international press?
Does this city already have a large international fashion presence? If so, how do the local independent designers make their mark in a crowded fashion industry? ?
In the future, will this city continue to be a dominant player in the international fashion scene? Will these designers continue to build their brands with their own distinctive aesthetics? ?
Are these designers looking to the future in innovative ways? Do they experiment with new fibers and textiles? With technological advances? Are they engaged with issues of sustainability or eco-fashion?

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