School Counseling-Assessment Instrument Evaluation Paper

Compile detailed information on the following 2 assessment instruments: 1- The Keirsey Temperament Sorter and 2. MAPP(Motivational Assessment of Personal Potential) assessments.

Assessment Instrument Evaluation is broken down into three sections, including a title page and reference page that adheres to APA guidelines (

  1. Provide an introductory narrative noting population of interest( high school students) and a rationale for the instruments chosen (e.g. What are the needs of this population? Why did you select these instruments? What is your experience with these instruments? Why would these instruments be useful for this population?). The introduction should be grounded in the scholarly literature on the issues, population, etc. Keep this introduction brief; 2-3 paragraphs at most.
  2. Complete an evaluation for EACH instrument using the table format provided below; therefore, there will be 2 separate tables. In compiling this information, make use of professional instrument reviews (e.g. Buros website, Mental Measurements Yearbook, instrument manual, and/ or other scholarly reviews of the instrument , i.e. journal article). It is highly encouraged to make use of the Mental Measurement Yearbook database. Do not simply copy the information from the sources directly into the table, but provide a summary of the most important information in their own words and cite references as appropriate within each cell. Must complete each cell within the table.
  3. Conclude with a summary of what was gained from this process. This summary should address 2 areas.

a. First, provide concluding thoughts about the 2 instruments (e.g. What do you think about these instruments after having reviewed them in-depth? How might these instruments be useful for their population/ issues? How might these instruments complement each other?
b. Next, comment on personal learning experience with this assignment (e.g. How did this process help you gain knowledge and skill in evaluating assessment instruments? How confident are you in evaluating instruments for use with clients/ students?). Keep this conclusion brief; 2-3 paragraphs at most.

Required Format for Part 2

Instrument title Provide full title, including revision number and/or acronym
Instrument description Provide a brief description of the instrument.
Constructs measured What constructs are measured? For example, alcohol use, level of suicidal intent?
Age range What age range is the instrument designed for? Note all possible versions.
Administration/ scoring Paper and pencil? Computer? Self-scoring? Note all possible versions.
Administration time How long to take instrument? Note all possible versions.
Level of training required to administer and interpret instrument Master’s degree or higher required? A, B, or C level? Is there a difference between level of training required for administering and interpreting the instrument?
Research background How was this instrument developed? How much research has been done on this instrument? Provide a summary and a few citations as applicable.
Reliability information Provide a brief summary of reliability data, including numerical information as applicable, e.g. reliability coefficients.
Validity information Provide a brief summary of validity data, including numerical information as applicable, e.g. validity coefficients.
Diversity issues If applicable, what do you know about the norming group? How might this instrument fit the unique needs of diverse clients/ students? For example, can this instrument be used with non-English speaking clients/ students?
Potential ethical/ legal issues in using this instrument List a few examples that apply (e.g. competence, right to results, IDEA issues).

Potential issues when communicating the results to clients/ students, etc. List a few examples that apply, (e.g. intended purpose of instrument, using tentative rather than absolute language).
Developer/ publisher List contact information
Necessary purchases What items are needed and what are the costs of these items?
Other (can also add new cells to table) List any other important information (as applicable)
Overall evaluation In a brief summary, note possible benefits of the instrument as compared to possible limitations and provide your opinion on how this instrument might be useful for the respective population/ construct.

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