Social institutions and the power of structure

Identify the major social institutions that supported the institution of slavery prior to the Civil War.

Describe those that played major roles in the systematic re-enslavement of black Americans from Reconstruction to the middle of the 20th century.

Define and differentiate prejudice and discrimination using examples from the film.

Why was the federal government so slow to address the problems with debt slavery or peonage, and convict leasing in southern states, and protect African-Americans and others?

How might the experience of black Americans documented here have affected African American families in the 20th century and even today?

How do you think these events and practices have impacted race relations in America since the 1950s?

Has the United States really ever stopped trying to re-enslave its black citizens?

What institutional and./or legal justification do we offer today for the disproportionate imprisonment of minorities, and black men in particular?

Compare and contrast chattel slavery with the forms of bondage and servitude developed in the 20th century in the industrializing South.

Explain why and how these institutions are similar, but more importantly, how they are different.

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