Southwest Airlines Case

Southwest Airlines 2001: An Industry under Siege Grading rubric 1. Describe the problems that Southwest Airlines is facing following 9/11. Identify one shortterm problem and one long-term challenge. Provide support for each problem using data provided in the case material (50 points). 2. Conduct an external analysis of Southwest Airlines using Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT analysis. For Porter’s Five Forces, provide support your analysis using data provided in the case material. Make sure to draw conclusions about the industry attractiveness and competitive environment For SWOT, identify at least two items for each category. (50 points) a. Porter’s Five Forces (30 points) b. SWOT Analysis (20 points) 3. Provide three recommendations for Southwest Airlines moving forward. Be sure to make recommendations that differ from their existing actions (at the time of the case), and help to address the problems you identified in Question 1. Make sure that your recommendations are consistent with your analysis above. Recommendations must be creative, detailed, and realistic in order to receive full points (50 points).

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