Staffing System Evaluation And Technology

Chern’s wants a way to find out whether or not your recommendations helped it reach the following goals: Attracting a more diverse set of qualified applicants. Complying with Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action guidelines. Hiring sales associates who are better able to execute its business strategy, sell more merchandise, develop higher-quality relationships with the firm’s customers, stay with the company longer, are more promotable to department manager positions, and reinforce the company’s customer-service-oriented culture and make every employee and customer feel valued and cared for. Realizing a meaningful positive return on its investment in your recommendations. To help it track its staffing performance, Chern’s asks you to create a digital staffing dashboard that contains the five most important staffing indicators to which its store managers need to pay attention in terms of the sales associate hiring and evaluation process. Chern’s has always been willing to invest in technologies and tools that improve its performance. It asks you to recommend various staffing technologies it should consider adopting to enhance the performance and efficiency of its staffing system. Because the company is financially conservative and is willing to invest in compelling technologies but does not want to waste its money, be sure to thoroughly explain your recommendations and persuade the company to consider adopting them. With your completed set of recommendations, write an executive summary that describes your overall recommendations for the entire staffing system at Chern’s (covering Chapters 1-13). This summary should cover the entire project, yet it should be concise enough to go at the front of the report to highlight the most important recommendations you have

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