Survey Design

Paper details Designing successful, useful, and informative surveys requires careful planning and an appreciation of the influence of survey methods, wording, and types of questions, the use of appropriate scales, form design, and the validity and reliability of the survey instrument itself.
To prepare for this assignment, read the article by the Society for Women’s Health Research located in this week’s Learning Resources, “Surveys of Adult U.S. Women and Doctors Gauge Perceptions About Depression Through Hormonal Transitions.”
Based only on the information contained in the article and your understanding of the principles of survey research write a 2 page paper which addresses the following points:

What is the research question?

What is the survey method?

What types of questions are included?

How reliable and valid do you think the results are and why?

What questions or concerns does this account of the survey raise?

How could the survey be improved?

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