The Golden Rule

Explain how the Yin-Yang and Hegelian models of interaction/transformation could be complementary.

Briefly characterize the Ying-Yang model of interaction/transformation.

Give a comparative examination of Confucius’s and Christian versions of the Golden Rule.

Confucius maintains love with distinction while Mo Zi insists on universal care for each; would you think Confucius can respond to Mo Zi’s challenge by maintaining both universal love/care and love with distinction in a consistent way?

Give a brief explanation of the relation among ren, li, and yi in Confucius’ doctrine.

What are the major points of Mencius’s and Xun Zi’s distinct views on human nature?

What are their major arguments for their views on the issue?

What are Mencius’s and Xun Zi’s distinct models of moral self-cultivation?

Give a briefly explanation of the relation between Mo Zi’s two basic positions against Confucius’s doctrine.

What is the difference between Yangzhu (Yang Zi) as a hermit and the Unabomber as a hermit?

What is the point of Hui Shi’s proposition that “the moment the sun reaches the zenith at noon, it is declining; the moment the creature is born, it is dying” ?

What is the point of Hui Shi’s proposition that “Connected rings can be in separation” ?

What are differences and connections between three methodological things involved in how to approach an object of study?

What are two morals we can draw about their relation?

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