The Logos and God Incarnate

The Prologue to the Gospel of John (John 1.1-18) has had a decisive inboth in the New Testament period and in subsequent periods of early Christian history. Because of its terminology and its imagery it was used by both orthodox and heretical groups to substantiate their claims about Jesus, the Gospel and what constituted “true Christianity” in the early decades and centuries of the Christian Church. Yet, contemporary readers of the Gospel of John tend to overlook these verses for a number of reasons. However, understanding this “Prologue” is very important.
What Old Testaments passage(s) does (or should) the Prologue remind the reader of? Once you have determined this, how does the prologue differ from that Old Testament passage? What terminology seems to be most important in these verses? What do these verses say about Jesus that the other Gospels have not said or have said in a very different way?

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