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Video Response Paper.

Theory and Praxis-

(SLO #3- Critically analyze and explain implications of theories of child cognitive development)-

Read: Galotti (2016) Ch- 4 & 5, and ifyou have-Bodrova book (2007), then Ch- 4 (ebook), and Ch- 8 & 9 (textbook)

1) Watch the video:

Davidson, J- (Director), & Davidson, F. (Producer)- (1994)- Vygotsky’s Developmental Theory: An Introduction [Video file]- Davidson Films- Retrieved August
8, 2016, from Academic Video Online: Premium- Retrieved from: http:/Isearch-alexanderstreet-com-tcsedsystem-idm-oclcorg/avonNiew/workl2782961 (Links
to an external site-)Links to an external site-

Note: This video has been chosen to help illustrate and reinforce concepts that we will discuss in class in relation to course reading-

2) Write an essay that clearly demonstrates your knowledge and ability to articulate the concept of Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development and its
relationship to brain development-

3) Provide examples of how you might use Vygotsky’s strategies for development and learning, such as scaffolding with an infant or toddler, a child with
English as a second language and a child who is atypical in their development-

Clearly and correctly relate topics and concepts learned in class with examples discussed and illustrated in the video-

Paper should be in APA format (title page, Introduction, body, conclusion, reference page, with no less than three educational citations and one

Here is a link to owl Purdue on how to reference and cite a YouTube video-

https:/IowI-english-purdue-edulmedia!pdf/20110928111055_949-pdf (Links to an external site-)Links to an external site- (p- 6 bottom)- Podcast/ YouTube

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