Zindau Planet

Where will the significant lines of latitudealign on Zindau?

How will the equal distribution of land and water affect seasonal temperatures between the hemispheres relative to the perihelion/solstice and aphelion/solstice?

How does the increased tilt affect critical components of seasonality across the latitudes as compared to Earth?

How would the daylight period be affected across the latitudes through the year?

How would beam spreading and depletion be affected across the latitudes?

How would the solar angle incidence be affected across the latitudes?

Calculate the winter and summer solstice solar angles for a point existing at 45 degrees north latitude. Are there any other aspects of Zindau/Sun relationships that would be affected? If so, what are they and how would they be different from that of Earth?

Describe seasonality through the year for both hemispheres.

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